Understanding your Server


After you’ve created an account, Buildable provisions you an elastic server on your behalf.
Within seconds, you'll be given secure infrastructure ready to accept your code. There’s no longer a need to deal with any of the architecture, setup or scalability headaches that come with managing a robust backend. Buildable handles all the complexity for you.
Deconstructing the Buildable Serverless dashboard

Server URL

Each account is given a unique server URL [1] that acts as the base URL for all your endpoints.
  • USERNAME_KEY - The GitHub Username from the account used to register
  • ENVIRONMENT - The environment of your endpoint ("test" or "live")
  • ENDPOINT_NAME - The name of your endpoint


You can spin up an Instant API via the “My Endpoints” section [2], located in the Sidebar of the dashboard. To learn about building endpoints, visit the following section:


You can organize Endpoints into Folders using the Create New Folder icon [3]. It’s important to note that moving an Endpoint into a folder will also change its URL.

Environment Variables

Environment Variables are multi-environment keys that are accessible across Buildable. To use your environment variables in code, simply access them using env in the code editor.
To create new variables:
  1. 1.
    Open the Environment Variables section from the Sidebar [4]
  2. 2.
    Click the + New button
  3. 3.
    Name your Key
  4. 4.
    Apply Development and Production key values
When referencing an Environment Variable in code, Buildable will automatically inject the appropriate value based on the environment in the Endpoint URL